Christmas Menu 2023

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Christmas Menu 2023
Weihnachts Menü 2023 Deutsch & Englisch.
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13.00-15.00 h & 18.00-21.00 h



Crunchy lamb's lettuce harmonises perfectly with plum dressing. This fantastic appetizer

is served with caramelized goat cheese, with thyme honey and pickled plums,

with walnuts and crusty bread of the region.



Finely seasoned chestnut soup, with a crunchy nest. The following is

served this winter soup with pickled spice and pear balls,

with finely sliced smoked duck breast.


Main course A

Christmas venison specialty

Braised venison roll roast, with a finely seasoned cranberry-port wine jus. This venison specialty is served on fried herb mushrooms in harmony with roasted hazelnuts and a juicy stuffed savoy cabbage pocket with butter and root vegetable strips. In festive accompaniment, herb macaire sticks are served.




Main course B

Festive fish

Juicy cod fillets cooked in sou vide. This traditional specialty is served with

a harmoniously seasoned lemon-white wine sauce, on a crispy topping,

with beds cooked in salt with Macaire thalers.




Main course C

Vegetarian Christmas

Fried pearl barley risotto fritters, with plum and pepper sauce.

This delicious vegetarian specialty is served, with pickled pear

and savoy cabbage à la crème.



Homemade food for Christmas

Seasoning baked apple slices with white chocolate.

This festive dessert is served with vanilla crumble and cinnamon ice cream.



Price per person


Option 1

4-course menu

With appetizer, soup, main course of choice and dessert





Option 2

3-course menu

With appetizer or soup, main course of choice and dessert



Drinks will be charged separately.


When making your reservation, please indicate the menu you would like to use.


The portion sizes are adjusted so that everyone can do it.


On pre-order, we are also happy to provide our guests with champagne, only as a bottle.