New Year's Eve Menu 2021

Fireworks of aromas

On site & to take away

13.00-16.00 h & 18.00-01.00 h



Seven well-assorted new miniature tapas creations at spectacular
Flor de Sal - blends from the culinary delights.


Intermediate passage


Robalo fillets and tuna cubes with orange Flor de Sal on quail eggs and
Crispy fried Caldo Verde with garlic and grained honey mustard sauce.


Main course A


Young beef fillet on fresh horseradish cream with baked pancake spaghetti
homemade porcini mushroom Flor de Sal.




Main course B


Baked salmon fillet with spinach on parsnip mush with stuffed mushroom pancakes.




Main course C


Fresh vegetable-herb fireworks from the wok on baked potatoes on a finely seasoned mush of the dried tomatoes with miniature mozzarella balls.




Warm spicy cheese crepes with chocolate Flor de Sal of the house with homemade plumice ice cream
with exquisite handmade balsamic dressing with Algarve honey and organic olive oil.


At the table you will find bread, Flor de Sal and olive oil.



Price per person € 35