Christmas Menu 2021

Suburb & to take away

24.12. / 13.00-15.00 h & 18.00-22.00 h

25.12. / 13.00-15.00 h & 18.00-22.00 h


Leek soup with grated nutmeg nut and fresh herbs in the glass.

This finely chopped soup is served with a crispy bread,

with the puree of a fried onion black pudding.


Intermediate passage

Rice noodle salad with crab meat, marinated with freshly squeezed Algarve orange juice,

crunchy wild berries and seasonal herbs. This fine refreshing intermediate course is served,

on a crispy baked dough sail.


Main course A


Braised cubes of the Venison club with slightly bound red wine sauce.

This wild speciality is served with cranberry compote and a potato gratin refined with mushrooms and vegetables as well as a baked pear red cabbage toned with port wine.



Main course B

Crispy Fried Eaglefish Fillets

This Christmas fish combination is served on a finely prepared ragout of the Chu Chu with fresh herbs of the Algarve and baked small potatoes topped with the mush of

dried tomatoes and slices of the black olive.



Main course C

Vegetarian at Christmas

Cous Cous with Ras el Hanout as well as the essence of Algarve orange, chickpeas, fresh herbs,

pickled dried tomatoes and fresh leaf spinach. This Christmas-seasoned vegetarian combination

is served with homemade balsamic mushrooms and crunchy lamb's lettuce

with walnuts on our in-house Sidre honey dressing.



Sweet Christmas 

Homemade gingerbread ice cream on Annett's dreamlike chocolate mush with

Fig-vanilla sauce and handmade chocolate sea salt.


At the table you will find bread, Flor de Sal and olive oil.


Menu price per person

normal 35 € / small 27 €