Christmas Menu 2022

Suburb & to take away


18.00-22.00 h



13.00-15.00 h & 18.00-22.00 h



A glass of sparkling wine of the house.


[there is always fresh mixed bread from our local bakers at the table]



Pumpkin soup with Christmas spices, fresh blueberries and crunchy rocket.



Warm miniature pancake filled with fried black pudding puree, with beetroot applesauce and a light lime-horseradish yogurt with peeled quail eggs.



Pomegranate fruits with shrimp meat on oranges Rice noodles with seasonal herbs.



Sparkling wine lime sorbet.



Venison legs roast with dark shiny red wine sauce on a cranberry port wine chutney. This game speciality from the north of Portugal is served of baked green beans wrapped in bacon.



Annett's Christmas panna cotta with a hint of chocolate puree with cinnamon.

This gourmet dessert is served with a rum pot jelly

from marinated dried fruits of the Algarve.


For vegetarian or vegan wishes, please contact us in good time,

personal changes are possible!




By popular request, we have changed our menu structure for the Christmas menu and now also offer menu sizes for the small appetite.


Price per person


Option A

6-course men




Option B

3-course menu, with course 3, 5 & 6




Option C

3-course menu, with course 1, 5 & 6



When making your reservation, please specify the menu you require.


Drinks will be charged separately.