Winegrowers' evening



Your regional winemaker will be present,

from the Algarve region.


The winemaker offers for each course,

of the winemaker's menu offers a separate wine from his winery.


In personal conversations, you are sure to receive interesting insider information.


The winegrowers' evening can only be attended by reservation.


The evening starts at 18:00 h


Tel. 00351 925878515

[costs may be incurred in the national mobile network]

Quinta dos Sentidos

The menu is accompanied by an exclusive and elegant wine tasting prepared by the winemakers of the ,,Quinta dos Sentidos'' accompanied.


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Winemaker's menu




Velvety finely seasoned chestnut cream soup,

with fresh Algarve herbs and crusty bread from our baker.

The white wine Tato-Branco is served.





Hand-pickled beef tenderloin harmonizes perfectly with pickled beetroot.

This sensational fillet appetizer is served, with Pommery mustard mayo with crunchy

lamb's lettuce, with potato dressing and homemade egg yolk cream,

as well as fresh bread from local baker.

A relatively light red wine, such as Paladar or Cru, is served.



Main course


Detail in love and perfectly crafted Variation

from the Portuguese quail. This quail specialty is served,

fried and as a baked praline, with homemade poultry port wine jus.

Braised parsley roots on creamy fregula pasta, 

round off this unique combination in harmony.

The red wine Tato-Tinto is served.





Carefully marinated spice pear shines on a Vanilla cream with caramel.

This sweet delicacy is served with handmade almond cake

and in-house caramel ice cream.

We served the late harvest wine Essencia.


Price per person


Included is the menu and the exclusive wine tasting for each course.


Not included are bottled wines, beers, water, juices, soft drinks,

Coffee or tea, as well as spirits.