Your private fish

Fish foodies watched - New and unique in the Algarve

Seven arguments for lovers of excellent fresh fish!

Many years of success!


2. Numerous guests are thrilled!

  3. Dare to join us in fancy algarve fish and seafood!

  4. We put together your fish menu directly at the fish market!

 5. Join me on the fish market, ask questions I give answers!

  6. Enjoy an exclusive and extravagant fish menu on the same evening, prepared with care and experience!

 7. Whether two, four, six or more foodies!

 Let yourself be inspired by a lovingly tasted menu sequence with products from Neptune's garden.

 Your private fish

  You have the opportunity to accompany me one morning for an hour to the fish market in Portimao!

Find 3 to 6 different fish or seafood at the fish market.

 I would be happy to advise you.

In the evening, your fish will be behind each other, separately and differently with different vegetables, salads and fruits of the Algarve season.

  Your chef Martin Busse

 This offer is valid every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Meeting point for the market 11 a.m. at the Culinarium or directly at the market.

 Price per person 25-50€, depending on the choice and gusto.

ncluding market visit and fish menu.

Drinks and dessert are charged separately.

  We accept reservations!
Our opening hours and the current menu can be found here.

 Phone: 00351/925 878 515

 A fish menu example:

Smoked cat shark on the crispy belly of the sepia to salicornia with marinated raw pumpkin and dates.

 2. Wings of the stingray baked with garlic on caramelized ox heart tomatoes.

 3. Crusted dragon head with herbs of the Algarve on a colorful vegetable potpourri of the season.

 4. Fillet of the stsotto fish fried on the skin with lime butter and langostinos on hand-planed vegetable ribbons.

No saturation supplements are offered to a fish menu.

It is not necessary to order appetizers, it starts immediately.

We recommend bringing some time, as there are breaks between the courses.

The following fish and seafood are available throughout the year!

 cod, cat shark, eel, parrotfish, mullet, anchovy, redfish, sea bass, dragon head, monkfish, sole, turbot, petersfish, rays, tuna, red barb, hake, swordfish, dourades, cherne, eagle fish, swordfish, sardines, pork fish, shark, Sargo, Plaice, Faneca, Pargo, Agulha, Moray, Safio, Carta, Besugo, Mackerel, Bonito, Ferreira, Azevia, Flying Fish, Carapau, Carapau Francés, Sea Urchin, Crab, Lulas, Shrimp, Lobster, Lobster, Lobster, Duck Mussels, Sepia, Pocket Crab, Octopus, Langostinos, Sea Snails

and many more...