Sunday Special


Pre ort & To Go

Dear friends of good taste


Crab salad

with rice noodles and plums

Peeled crab meat with rice noodles, plums and orange juice with herb pesto sail on a crispy dough.


Main course A

Bake off black pig
braised in red wine

Crispy and juicy bakes of black pork braised in red wine season's flavoured vegetables served on small pressed potatoes.


Main course B

Tuna with sesame
on pans vegetables

Delicious and juicy tuna in a sesame coat, rests from caramelized pans vegetables and

small baked potatoes with olive oil and Sae Salt from the oven.


Price per person,

normal €19.90 / small €14.90


 Sunday Ice crème Special
Vanille Ice:


Cidre Mel Dressing


Balsamico Mel Dressing