Price increase-Why?


Dear friends of good taste,


Nothing is permanent, only change, which comes again and again.


The world is on the move!


For 18 years, we have been striving to inspire our customers here in the Algarve with culinary refinements, rustic delicacies and seasonal extravagants, as well as personal menu combinations. With open and friendly hearts and also with open ears, we are always available to our guests in the Kulinarium with full attention. 


In recent years, we have always tried to moderate the prices for

our products and our services, with small or no increases.


The latest known political and economic developments will force us to increase our

prices from 1 November 2022 and to adapt them to the current massively rising inflation

and the energy costs that have risen far above average. The increase in food prices

in purchasing, from 50-70% in some cases even more and still rising,

we have to compensate by price increases! 


If we do not implement this process, we will be overrun by the price development and the continued existence of the culinary is endangered.


We hope for your understanding and look forward to welcoming

you to the Kulinarium in the future.


With culinary greetings

Annett, Martin and Beatrice Busse