Menu of the week

20.10.- 24.10.2021

Restaurant & Take Away

Opening hours:

Wednesday to Sunday

Restaurant & Take Away

13.00-15.00 h & 18.00-22.00 h

From 27.10.-31.10.2021 the Kulinarium is closed.

We open again on Wednesday 03.11.2021.

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10 years Martins Kulinarium

Each guest receives a glass of sparkling wine as a welcome.

Menus of the Week

Wednesday to Sunday

20.10.- 24.10.2021

Starter A

Light & Refreshing

Chicory boats loaded with marinated orange fillets of the Algarve, with grapes, light chili,

black olive strips, fresh herbs and crispy fried bacon. Serves this refreshing appetizer on some of the crispy bread.

[can also be served without bacon and without chili]



Starter B

Miniature tomato salad with cheese cream

Marinated cherry tomato salad with homemade apple sidre dressing and fresh herbs.

This delicious salad combination is served with a handmade feta cheese cream and some regional bread.

[without garlic]


Main course A

Schnitzel Madness

Veal Fillet Schnitzel

on a fresh mushroom sauce

Crispy fried breaded schnitzel from the finely chopped veal fillet. This schnitzel creation, which has been popular for many years,

is served on a mushroom-cream sauce served in a glass, as well as on baked potatoes with pumpkin seed salt and Parmesan.

A finely seasoned colorful salad of the season with homemade dressing rounds off this gourmet combination delicious.

A must for Schnitzel fans!

[without garlic, mushrooms can also be prepared without onions]



Main course B

Popular & In Demand

Tuna in a sesame coat

with colorful seasonal vegetables

on pressed potatoes

Fresh tuna from the iron pan fried crispy in a sesame coat.

Finely chopped, this specialty places on stewed seasonal vegetables and small pressed potatoes from the oven

Attention Atlantic gourmets!

 [without garlic]



Main course C


Cous Cous Pan

with spinach and pickled tomatoes

on Balsamic Mushrooms

Cous Cous from the iron pan with numerous spices, pickled tomatoes, fresh spinach and chickpeas.

This finely tasted vegetarian combination is served with homemade balsamic mushrooms.

A taste of fireworks!

[without garlic]


Price per person,

normal 19,90 € / small 14,90 €

without appetizer

normal 14,90 € / small 11,90 €

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Annett's homemade desserts


Cranberry Pannacotta with orange salt

4.90 €


Crepês on plum ice cream with tomato honey

4.90 €


Annett's Chocolate Mush with Coffee Salt

3.90 €


Poppy seed pudding chocolate cake

3.90 €