Menu of the week

24. & 28.02.2021

Take Away

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Wednesday & Thursday

For Gourmet

Lamb Ragout

with Brussels sprouts

Ragout of lamb from the club, braised with dried tomatoes,

white wine, garlic and herb of the region. Serves this foodie specialty butter Brussels sprouts and cumin potatoes.



Pink Red

Salmon fillet

on horseradish herb yogurt

Finest salmon fillet fried without skin, tumbles on
a bed of horseradish, herbs, citrus yoghurt and rests, caramelized kale from the iron pan. This fine fish creation is served on small baked Potatoes from the oven.


Friday & Saturday

Harmoniously hearty

Beef roast

with sweet potato puree

Succulent braised beef roast with red wine sauce and caramelized lemon carrots. Serves this great beef creation on hand-stamped sweet potato puree.



From the sea

Herbs Crabs

with tomatoes and oven potatoes

Cleanly peeled crabs with a decent size,
Bathe with small tomatoes in a pool of fresh herbs, garlic

and fine spices. Oven potatoes with Sea Salt

complete this delicious fish combination.


Price per person,
normal €14.90 / small €11.90

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Annett baked cakes.

Cake €3.50


As of Wednesday

Plum sprinkle cake


From Friday

Peach cheese cake