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19.05.- 23.05.2021

Restaurant & Take Away

The Culinarium is open. The outdoor area can be used, with a table occupancy of up to 10 people, as well as tables indoors with a maximum of 6 people and a table distance of 2 meters. The Take Away service continues!

New opening hours:

Wednesday to Sunday

Restaurant & Take Away

13.00-15.00 h & 18.00-22.00 h

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Mittwoch & Donnerstag

Schnitzel Madness

on potato salad

with mushroom cream

Fabulously delicious crispy breaded schnitzel from the veal fillet. This spectacular veal creation is combined with a fresh mushroom sauce served in the glass and a homemade potato salad without mayonnaise, with many fresh local herbs and a small fine

tasted green side dishes salad.

In demand and very popular!

[can also be served without onions]



Shrimp Spell

with fresh herbs

and garlic with tomatoes

Well-peeled shrimps of a decent size have fun with hot jumping cherry tomatoes and fresh herbs of the Algarve and refresh with juicy onions and spicy garlic with small baked potatoes from the oven of sea salt and organic olive oil

from the north of Portugal.

For shrimp friends a delight!

[can also be served without onions and without garlic]


Freitag & Samstag

Surf and Turf

Beef fillet and shrimp

with garlic butter and herbs

Whole shrimp with head, shell and black well cleaned

and juicy fried place perched on a finely sliced young beef fillet from the Alentejo. A velvety cleaved garlic butter melts over this dreamlike fillet combination and adorns itself with fresh seasonal herbs on small baked potatoes from the oven.

A no colorful salad contributes to its charm

Presentation of these great food.

For fillet specialists, this combination is worth an

appointment in the Culinary!

[can be served without garlic]



Pasta makes happy

Crispy salmon fillet

on garlic spinach

Crispy fried salmon fillets from the iron pan place at the top of a pasta combination, with refreshing leaf spinach and a finely tasted garlic Cream sauce and fresh herbs of the Algarve.

Salmon and pasta fans beware!

 [can be served without garlic and without onions]


Price per person,
normal €14.90 / small €11.90

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Annett baked cakes.

Cake €3.50


Ab Mittwoch

Kiwi Quark Cake


From Friday

Strawberry buttercream cake