Weekend Menu

05.02. & 06.02.2022

Restaurant & Take Away

Each guest receives a glass of sparkling wine as a welcome.

Starter A

Leek soup with fresh herbs of the Algarve.

This very tasty soup is served with a crispy bread of the region.

[without garlic]



Starter B

Mozzarella balls breaded with Parmesan cheese are placed full of aroma on a bed of caldo verde and tomato boats.

This popular appetizer is served with some bread with homemade Parmesan butter.

[without garlic]


Main course A

A classic from the culinary scene

Young beef fillet in ham coat

on Gorgonzola sauce with grapes

Juicy fried fillet of Alentejan young beef, baked in a ham coat, sits enthroned on a bed of Gorgonzola sauce with hot grapes. This fine fillet specialty is served on a crêpes filled with mushroom mush from the oven.

For friends of fine fillet specialties!

[without garlic]



Main course B

Seabass Fillets

on Chu Chu Ragout

with topping potatoes

Fillets of Robalo / sea bass on the skin are juicy and aromatic on a ragout of chu chu.

This very special fish creation is served on small baked potatoes topped from the oven,

with the mush of the dried tomato and strips of the black olive.

98% bones free!

 [without garlic]




Main course C


Vegetarian pancakes

filled with pans of vegetables

and baked with Parmesan cheese

Fine pancakes filled with well-stocked pan-vegetables, baked in the oven with Parmesan cheese.

This new vegetarian specialty is served on a small fine seasonal salad with homemade apple-honey dressing

New, delicious and really good!

[without garlic]


Price per person,

normal 21,90 € / small 16,90 €

without appetizer

normal 15,90 € / small 12,90 €

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Annett's homemade desserts


Homemade muesli ice cream with cream

5 €


Annett's Chocolate Mush with Coffee Salt

5 €


Brandy Chocolate Cake with Cream

5 €