Sunday Menu


Restaurant & Take Away from 13.00-15.00 h & 18.00-22.00 h

Dear friends of good taste


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10 years of  Martins Kulinarium

Each guest will receive a welcome glass of sparkling wine until 31.07.2021.

Sunday menu


Appetizer A


1. Balsamic mushrooms with black beans

2. Roasted shallots black pudding cream

3. Strips of fried beef fillet tips with chocolate sea salt on

homemade remoulade

4. Marinated fillet tips from the Dourade in organic lemon olive oil and homemade

Grapefruit salt with fresh herbs of the Algarve

5. Crispy bread of the region



Appetizer B

Crunchy colorful summer salad with Algarve oranges and seasonal herbs with fried strips of beef fillet tips or as a vegetarian version with caramelized homemade balsamic mushrooms on some

crispy bread of the region.



Fillet of young beef

Main course A
puree at a traffic light

Coarsely sliced fillet of young Portuguese beef on a liquid spring onion butter with black pepper from the mill. This fine fillet specialty becomes spectacular at a finely tasted traffic light puree, consisting of buttered potatoes, braised orange carrots mush and herb peas, baked with hand-grated well-ripened Parmesan cheese.

For friends of good taste!

[can be served without spring onions]



Jubilee Fish

Main course B

Sea bass with paprika tomato sauce
on fried chouriço cubes

Fried fillets of sea bass [Robalo] are beautifully placed on a rustically prepared sauce made of braised

red peppers and pureed pickled dried sun-ripened tomatoes. This very special fish combination is refined

with crispy fried cubes of the chouriço from the black pig.  This great creation is served at a

Herbs potato puree on a ragout of peppers with onions and garlic.

Our Dare of the week!

 [can be served without chouriço]



Vegetarian Fantastic

Main course C

Vegetable Iron Pan

at an eggplant ragout

Eggplant ragout on a colorful hot iron pan full of great seasonal vegetable specialties.

This fantastic vegetarian combination is served with a baked goat cheese with garlic, herbs and honey.

For fans of vegetarian cuisine!

 [can be served without garlic]


Price per person,
normal €19.90 / small €14.90

without appetizer

normal €14.90 / small €11.90

Annett's homemade desserts


Homemade Fig Ice Cream with Goat Cheese

4.90 €


Homemade chocolate mush with coffee sea salt

3.90 €


Homemade lemon pannacotta with plum compote

3.90 €


Quark cake fresh kiwi

3.50 €